Dr. Driving 2 mod APK v1.61[Unlimited money/gold/ruby]

App Name Dr. Driving 2
Latest Version v1.61
Last Updated September 16, 2023
Publisher SUD Inc.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Racing
Size 22 MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
4.3 Rating (116)
  • Unlimited fuel
  • Unlimited money and coins
  • Access to all Premium features
  • No Ads

Dr. Driving 2 mod APK is the modded version of the racing game Dr. Driving 2. SUD Inc. released Dr. Driving 2 after the success of its first version called Dr. Driving. It is one of the best racing games with millions of downloads from all over the World. People of all ages love to play this game because of its unique features. This new version of the game has a lot of recent additions including different missions, good graphics, and many more.

About Dr. Driving 2 mod APK

Dr. Driving 2 is the second version of the most successful racing game Dr. Driving. It has thousands of positive reviews as people enjoy its unique and amazing features. In this game, you have to complete a race on a busy street with a lot of hurdles. Press the accelerator on the screen to start and control the car well to avoid dangers. Collect gold coins and score points while racing. This game will help you to learn to drive and will provide you with a great time to practice driving virtually. Also, the graphics are so realistic that will enhance your learning.

This game is available in every android 4.1 and up. You can download this game without any cost however, you have to purchase the premium features. If you don’t want to spend money on the premium features download the mod version of this game. Dr. Driving 2 mod apk is the mod version of this game which will unlock all the premium features for you without any cost. In this mod APK you will be given unlimited gold coins, unlimited money, and ruby. Also, you can unlock all the cars in this version. Download Dr. Driving 2 mod APK to enjoy all the premium features. Read on to know how to download the mod APK.

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Features of Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK

Unlocked all premium features

In the official version, you have to buy premium features but the mod version will unlock all the premium features for free. Download Dr. Driving 2 mod to enjoy all the premium features.

Unlocked all cars

Dr. Driving 2 mod apk will unlock all the cars for you. Choose any car you want with this mod version and enjoy the game.

Unlimited fuel

You will get unlimited fuel in mod APK. Drive as long as you want.

Unlimited Money

Dr. Driving 2 mod APK will provide you with unlimited money. You don’t have to worry about making in-app purchases. Buy any part of your vehicle with this money and win every mission.

Unlimited coins and rubies

You can also get unlimited coins and rubies in Dr. Driving 2 mod apk. With these gold coins, you can unlock all the game modes. Also, you can upgrade your cars as you want.

No ads

You can play this game without any ads which is the best feature of Dr. Driving 2 mod APK.

Free to download

You can download this mod version for free.


  • Easy to control

Dr. Driving is a simple game and you can control it with ease. Press the accelerator to start and the brake to stop. Turn the steering to change direction.

  • Online and offline game

You can play this game both online and offline. If you want to play with your friends, join this game online. You can also compete with other online gamers in the tournament or champions mode of this game.

  • Many cars available

Dr. Driving has many cars available in the garage. You can choose any car you want. Collect the coins and unlock the car you want to drive. You can also upgrade your cars to make them even more powerful.

  • Market

The market is also available in this game and you can choose different parts of your vehicle. Upgrade your car by buying the parts and keeping it in the best condition.

  • Missions

There are 12 different missions available in this game. You have to complete the missions to get multiple rewards such as gold coins and rubies. Use the gold coins and rubies to unlock cars and game modes.

  • Graphics

Dr. Driving 2 has amazing graphics that give you a realistic driving feeling. The landscape on the race tracks is amazing. Also, you can enjoy different weather such as rain, fog, and snow. There are two different viewing angles available which is the most unique feature. You can use either the first-person view or the third-person. The third person’s perspective makes the experience easier.


The only disadvantage of Dr. Driving 2 mod apk is that if you play it continuously it might affect your eyesight. Other than that, this game does not have any cons.


Dr. Driving 2 gives a very realistic driving feeling. Get started by selecting a car from the garage. After selecting the car, the game will lead you to the race track. To move forward press the accelerator, turn the steering to change direction, and press the brake to stop the car.

There are different missions available at each level, follow the instructions to complete the mission. While driving you have to collect gold coins and special rewards. These coins are needed to upgrade your car and become more powerful. There are different cars available that will unlock after every level.

The game has six modes that will unlock according to the user’s level. Each mode has unique features and you can enjoy every mode. Following are the game modes included in Dr. Driving 2:

  • The basic game mode is the career mode. In this mode, you will be given some tasks such as avoiding obstacles, completing a race in a specified time, or collecting enough coins. This mode also provides you with gold coins to upgrade your cars.
  • Car lab mode will allow you to test special things in your car. This game mode is very interesting as you can enjoy different conditions. You can drive your car with broken brakes and unbalanced wheels which will make this game mode more fun.
  • When you reach the third level, top racer mode will unlock. This mode is very amusing in Dr. Driving 2 as compared to its first version. In this mode, you can choose a car and cover a specified distance. You have to drive your car on a one-way street with five lanes. Moreover, the scenery on the race track is so amazing that’ll enhance your experience.
  • The most interesting mode is the taxi mode, players enjoy this mode the most. In this mode, you’ll act as a taxi driver and pick up passengers. Drop the passengers at the required position.
  • If you want to compete with online gamers and show your skills then Dr. Driving’s tournament and champions mode are for you. Join the tournaments and play with online gamers from all over the world.

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How to download and install Dr. Driving 2 mod APK

  • Open settings and enable ‘unknown resources
  • Click the download button
  • Once the download is completed, open the APK file and install it
  • After the installation, launch the app and enjoy the mod version.

Personal Review

Dr. Driving 2 mod apk is the modified version and it has amazing graphics that give you a realistic feeling. The best feature of this game is that you can either play it offline or online with your friends. Moreover, this mod version will unlock all your favorite cars with unlimited fuel. You can download the mod apk for free.


Dr. Driving 2 mod APK is the second version of the most successful racing game called Dr. Driving. This game will give you a realistic driving feeling. You can enjoy this game with two different viewing angles, the first-person and the third-person. This game is available freely on the internet and you can download it for free. However, in the official version, you have to make in-app purchases. If you don’t want to spend your money, download the mod version from the link given above.

This mod version will give you all the premium features for free. Also, the Dr. Driving 2 mod apk is 100% safe and you can enjoy all the premium features without any worries about your privacy.

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