Minion rush mod APK v9.4.1a – Unlimited Money/Tokens

App Name Minion Rush
Latest Version v9.4.1a
Last Updated September 3, 2023
Publisher Gameloft SE.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Casual
Size 103 MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
4.1 Rating (359)
  • Unlimited coins and tokens
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock all
  • New Game modes

Minion Rush is one of the most popular casual games based on the movie Despicable Me. Gameloft SE released it, and it has been a hit among gamers of all ages with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The interface and plot of this game are similar to the Subway Princess Runner mod APK. This game offers several unique features but all the elements are not available in the official version. Hence, to acquire access to all the premium features download the Minion Rush mod APK.

What is the Minion Rush mod APK?

The Minion Rush mod APK is a modified version of the Minion Rush APK. It is a single-player running game where players control one of the minions and run endlessly. Three characters have been offered in this game: Carl, Jerry, and Mel. Choose any of the three and start running. You can also collect bananas, boosters, gems, and tokens while running. These resources are then used to unlock premium features. This is a time-consuming process and many people can’t enjoy the game without these features.

But if you are a starter and want to enjoy all the premium features without spending money don’t worry because we have brought you the pro version of the Minion Rush APK. This modded version offers unlimited coins, bananas, gems, power-ups, and many gadgets without spending a single penny. You can access many powerful gadgets such as Minion Shield or Freeze Ray. With these gadgets, you’ll be unstoppable and can also challenge your friends and other online players from all over the world to show your skills. Moreover, you can also customize your minion with any outfit you want. There are many other features added in the latest version of the Minion rush mod apk which we’ll discuss in detail.

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Features of Minion Rush Mod APK

Unlimited coins and tokens

In the original game, you must collect tokens and coins which takes time. However, in the modded version you will get unlimited coins and tokens that are used to unlock costumes, powerful gadgets, and many more things without worrying about spending money.

Unlock all Exclusive costumes

With the Minion Rush mod apk, you can unlock all the available costumes including the rare and exclusive ones that are not available in the original game.


Unlock Powerful Gadgets

With unlimited money, you can purchase powerful gadgets. This mod version gives you unlimited money to buy any gadget you want. Choose the most powerful ones like the Freeze Ray, Banana Splinter, and Minion Shield, which can help you overcome even the toughest obstacles.

Unlimited Golden apples

This modded version offers you unlimited Golden apples. With these golden apples, you can unlock rare items and powerups which are not available in the official version. With the help of these items, you can get even further in the game.

New Game modes

The Minion Rush mod apk gives you access to unlock all the levels and challenges at the beginning of the game. You can now explore new game modes like Boss Battles and can face different villains like Vector and El Macho. Play any level you want with this mod version.

3D Graphics

The game has high-quality 3D graphics that give a feeling of reality. The 3D graphics and stunning animations that bring the Minion world to life enhance your gaming experience.


  • Download without spending money
  • Access all premium features
  • Enhance the gaming experience
  • Ad-free gameplay
  • Ad-free gameplay
  • Safe and trusted source
  • Fast Download

How to download and install Minion Rush mod APK

  • Enable ‘unknown resources from the settings of your device
  • Click the given download button in order to get Minion rush mod apk
  • Install the APK file
  • Open the app and enjoy your game

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you master the Minion rush gameplay:

Collect bananas

Try to collect as many bananas as you can because bananas are the main currency in this gameplay. You can unlock costumes, gadgets, and power-ups with their help. So, make sure to collect them while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

Watch Ads for tokens

If you are playing the official version of Minion rush then in order to earn tokens you have to watch ads. Tokens are one of the most valuable currencies in the gameplay that help you revive your minion or buy special items. However, if you are playing the pro version, you don’t have to worry about tokens as you’ll get unlimited tokens in the mod version of the Minion rush.

Use Power-ups

Each power-up has a special ability such as the Magnet, banana splinter, and Freeze ray can you attract more bananas and help you to collect more. Hence, use power-ups wisely to get the most out of them.

Upgrade your Gadgets

Upgrading the gadget makes it even more powerful. Hence, make sure to upgrade your gadgets more often. Focus on upgrading your favorite gadget to get the most out of it.

Complete challenges

The game offers daily and weekly challenges that can help you earn rewards such as costumes, tokens, and golden apples. To earn more rewards, complete as many challenges as you can.

Play with friends

You can log in with Facebook to play with your friends. Playing with your friends helps you earn more rewards and climb the leaderboard. Moreover, you can challenge your friends to beat your high scores and it is even more fun.

Use different Minions

Each Minion has different abilities hence, try them all and check who will work best for you in different situations.

Stay focused

Stay focused while playing the game so, you can react quickly to obstacles and enemies.

Personal Review

Minion Rush is an amazing casual game. Its stunning animation and 3D graphics make it even more attractive. If you are a fan of the Despicable me movie then this game is definitely for you. To enhance your gaming experience, make sure to download the modified version of the game.

Minion rush mod apk is an excellent pro version of the original game. This mod version lets you experience the premium features without spending money. With the additional features of this mod version, Minion rush became even more addictive. You can now compete with players from all over the world and climb the leaderboard. Try to play this game with your friends and challenge them to beat your high scores.


How do you unlock Carl in Minion Rush?

To unlock Carl you need 10 coins and 50 costume cards or purchase it from the shop. But you can download the Minion Rush mod apk and unlock Carl for free.

Final verdict

Minion Rush mod APK is an amazing pro version of the Minion Rush APK. This mod version offers additional features including unlimited coins, money, tokens, and golden apples. With these virtual currencies, you can unlock your favorite costumes, gadgets, power-ups, and even levels.

If you are a starter, don’t worry about collecting coins and tokens to unlock premium features. Just download the mod APK and get all the premium features without spending a single penny.

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